Builder Smarter. Building Safer

Green Tip of the Week :: Buy a programmable theromastat to control the energy used by your central heat and air system. :: Carry reusable totes to the store and avoid using plastic bags. If you must use plastic bags, reuse them in small garbage pails or recycle them at the store. :: Plug in electronics to surge protectors and click them off when not in use to conserve energy. :: Get off junk mail lists. Precycle can get you started. They’ll even plant five trees for you! :: Limit the length of your showers. Even better, take a “navy shower,” shutting off the water while soaping up and shampooing. While you brush your teeth, turn the water off until you need to rinse. :: Go paperless. Consider reading your newspaper and magazine subscriptions online. Switch to electronic banking and credit card payment, too.